Monday, 26 November 2007

CD: John Neptune, Kenny Endo, Joji Hirota (shakuhachi/percussion)

Introspective Japan
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Three heavy weights in Japanese music join forces on the CD On the Way [Michi Yuki] (2007). Virtuoso taiko drummer Kenny Endo, master percussionist Joji Hirota and shakuhachi player John Kaizan Neptune collaborate under the artistic name of JJK. The result is an enchanting collection of acoustic pieces. At times, shakuhachi melodic phrases appear accompanied by intricate rhythmic patterns. Other pieces only feature percussion exercises, with the participation of various types of drums and percussion. The composition "Heavenly Bells" has a Buddhist meditative sensibility, with the inclusion of gongs, bells and shakuhachi. Get the CD from

On Kaidan Suite (2007) the Kitsune Ensemble's introspective cinematic sound draws its inspiration from ...

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