Tuesday, 2 October 2007

CD: Funk 'n Gandhi

The Funky South Asian Sound

Funk 'n Gandhi

Funk 'n Gandhi (Radical House Records, 2005)

This CD has an intriguing colorful cover. It shows a character that looks like a pimp from the 1970s, together with a Hindu deity, in front of a punk Rolls Royce. As the title of the CD suggests, the concept is the fusion of American Funk with Indian music. And the results are terrific.

Funk 'n Gandhi uses real electric bass and drums, creating dynamic funk beats. The rhythm section joins electronic grooves, keyboards, electric piano, jazzy sax and DJ scratching combined with outstanding bansuri flute performed by Deepak Ram, Indian vocals, excerpts of spoken word, samples and trippy effects. Produced by the Warheads.

Buy it from http://thewarheads.com/funkngd.html.

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